Monday, August 16, 2010

crochet - first attempts

Hi there,

everywhere I see those wonderful crochet flowers, granny squares and a lot more beautiful things.

Crochet? Me? Long long ago in my childhood there was something called chain stitches *g*. Also knitting is not really something I could, just scarfs are easy, I have tried socks, but that was horrible (now my aunt is knitting them for me).

But crochet? Ok, lets give it a try. I've bought some crochet hooks and two balls of wool and start with the different things that goes beyond chain stitches. I am sorry, but I am not firm yet with those special chrochet vocabulary and isn't helpful for this :(.

Here is now a pic from my first flower attempt *g*:

the next attempt is much better:

and changing colors is really easy:

My first conclusion: Crochet is much more easier than knitting and makes more fun.
Now I need some more colors. They are already ordered and I hope I will get them on Friday or Saturday.