Thursday, December 24, 2009

made in a hurry ;-)

yeah, the same procedure as every year:

the selfmade christmas presents are finished in the last second *g*.

and here they are, the green tablerunner for my parents the other for my grandaunt, anna banana pattern from pink chalk studio:


and the backing:



that was my first quilting project, especially the free motion quilting. it is not perfect but it was made with love :). and it was really fun to sew.

i like the green tablerunner very much and my parents too (here in germany we got the presents at christmas eve :)).

the one for my aunt is a bit strange. not my colour and i think the combination of the fabrics could have been better. tomorrow i will visit my aunt and anyhow i hope she will like it.

to all of you a very happy christmas :).



Friday, December 18, 2009

cat allergy

Today my dermatologist called me for the result of the allergy blood test. And I am still critically allergic against cat hair :-(. Sure I know that since autumn 2003 but I have a cat since 13 years and have none of the typical symptoms.

My dermatologist told me that it could be possible that this allergy triggers my psoriasis :-(. This was told too by the doctors in the day hospital but I couldn't believe it.

Next month I will test if it really could be possible. Karin will take my cat for six weeks and I hope to get my home cat hair free, which would be nearly impossible but I will try.

I don't want to think about it, when this is really true. To get rid of my sweet little Sunny is NOT an option. She is an old lady now and her heart is a bit weak, so she has to take pills twice a day.

For the future it means no hairy pets at all :(, the doctor told me also about a little dog hair allergy.

So Sunny is my first and last pet ever :-(. She will always be very special to me.




Sunday, November 29, 2009

sewing again

yes, it's true, I am sewing again.

I have started the last weekend with a present for my grandaunt. She will get a tablerunner. I haven't finished it yet, still the top is ready. It is the anna banana pattern from Pink Chalk Studio and I have chosen the small one.
I am not really happy with it because I don't like the colours but it will fit perfectly for my aunt:

My parents will get also one in green fabrics.

This weekend I have sewn something for me. Some decoration for my advent wreath, four tiny christmastrees:



Wednesday, November 4, 2009



I hope that I can write more about sewing in the future.

At the moment I can't sew because of my psoriasis but there is hope that it will gone.

In the third week of going to the day hospital I mentioned to the doctor that two root of my teeth are inflamed since three years. The doctor is absolutely sure that this could be the reason for the psoriasis.

And today I was at the dentist to make this root end resection. I am very very afraid of dentists but this was not as horrible as I have thought. I got a local anesthetic injection and a calmative and the dentist has made a great job.

I feel fine, okay a bit of pain is normal, but thats all.
Now I keep my fingers crossed that this ugly disease will gone asap and hopefully never come back.



Monday, October 19, 2009

I am so proud.....

that I never ever have bought anything from the brand jack wolfskin.

and I swear to high heaven that I never will buy anything from it.


j.w. is sending cease & desist letters to people who are selling their self-made items on dawanda.
the reason is that the sellers have used fabric with paw prints on it. the trademark of j.w. is a wolf paw with claws. but they claim any paw no matter if it is a cat paw, a bear paw or if it is without claws.

for more information please look at the following links:




and here is a list, where you can find a lot more links.

all I can say is: hit the road jack and don't you come back no more no more no more no more



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

knock out :-(

hi everybody,

i have promised to show you what i have sewn, but i got ill and i am still ill :(.

and i will be still ill in future :(.

the disease is psoriasis. and the main affection are my hands and my feet and this is the most insistent kind of psoriasis. that hurts so much that sewing is not possible.

at the moment i visit the day hospital for the second time now. the first time i was there for 5 1/2 weeks and after three weeks i am there again and also my body shows now some spots of psoriasis :-(.

i hope that i can continue my hobby when my hands are getting better. touching fabric is not enjoyable at the moment.



Saturday, July 4, 2009

Let's get started

hi to @ll :)

i think its time now to get started with my blog.

the last few weeks I have reflect, if it is really a good idea to blog in english.
but hey, i have a lot english sewing books an thread magazines, to read harry potter in english is more enjoyable than in german and i understand what i read. ok, not nearly every word, but the content. and that is important to me. so my english cannot be as bad as i always thought.

so, on topic now:

i will get rid of my fabric stash. not of all the fabrics of course ;), but i have to reduce it because the space gets short (and i cannot stop buying fabrics, but i try to buy less...).
my goal is to sew more than i buy. I have started with counting on 01. april 2009.

since april 13,2 meters have left my stash, but to my shame i have to admit that i have bought 24,8 meters. so no reduction at all :(. I will keep on working on this.

but now i will show some of my fabric stash:


and within the next few days i will show what i have sewn since april :)